About us


The Managing Director Brad Daniels, has 19 years’ experience as a qualified electrician. He started Auspoint Electrical Services in late 2009 as a Man and a van, providing retail, light commercial and domestic construction and service work, 8 years later we are a team of 10 full time Electricians and 1 admin assistant, with a full safety system in place and we are Accredited ”Master Electricians”.


Since Inception, 90% of our Clients have been “word of mouth” referrals and 10% from minimal advertising.

We have built relationships and we continue to work together long term, which we have.

We are here for you now and in the future.

We are Currently Celebrating 8 years "2018"


The Future is bright at Auspoint; we are growing at a steady rate and are implementing new technologies.

The Future also brings new products and developing countries are jumping at the chance to be part of the next wave! These developing countries are also providing unsafe and non-compliant goods, That Said:  Auspoint has always supplied reputable products to our customers and products that are Australian Compliant. Our Guarantee will always be sound.

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